Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grouting Once Again!

Last year I made a Texas Longhorn themed lazy susan for my oldest daughter. I don't have a picture of it, but it was really cute and she loved it. So did her roommate, Michelle, who later asked my daughter if she thought I would make one for her. I said of course, and planned to make one as a graduation present. I remembered this, and sat a lazy susan aside that I had purchased with my supplies for the craft show. I even bought orange glass for the project.

Well, anyone who has read this blog will know what happened next. I procrastinated a little, and then a little more. And wouldn't you know it, the day before we were to drive to Austin for graduation I still hadn't started it. But since I am the procrastination queen, all was not lost. I managed to cut, glue, grout and seal in time to give it to Michelle the day of the University commencement. Hurray!

I really should just stop there and show you how great the lazy susan turned out.

Really nice, huh?

I really shouldn't mention that the longhorn I had planned to put in the center had been discontinued and I had to run around to several more stores to find an alternative. After all, I think I like this Texas one even better than the original orange longhorn I had planned to use. I also should mention that I was cutting glass after dinner the day before we had to leave. Or that I wasn't finished gluing it until around 11 pm that night. And don't even get me started on how I made too much grout the next morning and ended up completing three frames-- even though I really didn't have time to finish the lazy susan. And of course there is the fact that I was sealing the grout at my hotel room in Austin on Saturday morning.

Really all that matters is that I got it done, and delivered Saturday afternoon. Right on time for graduation. And Michelle loved it. So all's well that ends well. One day I'll end up paying the price for my procrastination. But today isn't that day. So I'll just be thankful that I once again successfully avoided the consequences of my inaction. And hope, tomorrow isn't the day my luck runs out!

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