Sunday, July 19, 2009

A chuckle on a Sad Day

I found this photo on RomePhotoBlog today. It made me chuckle out loud, which is something I really needed, especially today. For this is the saddest day of my summer vacation.

I don't think I have every really talked about how much I love to travel. I love getting on a plane and praying that I'll make it safely to my destination. I love landing in a foreign country and being a little confused about where to go and how to get there. I love going to places I have never been, and seeing art and history and nature that I have never seen. I love riding on subways and trains. I love hearing people around me speak languages I don't understand, and wishing I had learned at least one foreign language. I dream of the day when I am financially independent, and can constantly travel and see new things.

2007 will always be considered a wonderful year by me as it was the year that the dream of abundant travel was given it's first real boost. That was the year that I was hired by Continental Airlines as a reservations agent. The job was stressful, and at times I wondered why I was doing it, but it came with the best benefits for a travel junkie like me--practically free airfare. Flying standby can be nerve racking because you never know if you are actually going to get a seat on that plane going to your desired destination. But oh it is worth any amount of stress once that cabin door closes and you know the seat truly is yours and that you'll be in new city or country in just a matter of hours!

But now the ride is coming to an end. Thanks to this horrible economy, today is my last official day as a Continental employee. But I will always cherish the memories that came from this job--including the wonderful places I was able to take my family. And am I look forward to squeezing in as much travel as I can while I still have my flight privileges. I know the dreaded day of January 19, 2010 will come way too fast. But I'll do my best to be grateful for how much this job has blessed me and my family.

And I'll try to remember the following quote by Alexander Graham Bell: "When one door closes another one opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us." So here's to looking forward to the new adventure that awaits me. I'll do my best to find that open door!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Taking A Break To Enjoy The Art of Living

Instead of creating art the past several weeks, I have been busy enjoying the art of life. It's been a busy, hectic and pretty fun time. Here's a quick run down of what it's included:
I have seen two of my most beautiful creations achieve major milestones in their lives.

A college and a high school graduation

I enjoyed 4 wonderful days in Paris--one of my favorite cities--experiencing the art, architecture and food with my family.

The Louvre

My favorite Notre Dame Gargoyle

The Eiffel Tower

Chartres Cathedral

The Kiss"--my new favorite Picasso

Gardens at Versailles

Escargot tastes better in Paris!
These were amazing!

I spent a week at my church's girls camp, enjoying the art of youth.

There has been quality time with family, and lots of hours on planes and in cars.

We picked apricots off Mom and Dad's trees, which we bottled and made into jam.

We spent a night in the mountains, enjoying the beauty and cool air along with some roasted marshmallows

And the 4th of July was celebrated with a family bbq and fireworks.

And I took care of my oldest as she recovered from having her wisdom teeth removed. See how happy she is to have them out!

And that is just my summer so far. I will continue to travel and spend time with friends and family for at least a month more. But by the 1st of September plan to be back to task of regularly blogging about creating and enjoying art. Until then, take time to enjoy the art of life!