Sunday, August 8, 2010

Things that make me smile: #16

#16:  An surprising great book bargain

I went to Barnes and Nobel this week to find some books to create family recipe books.  Any trip to BN can not be complete without browsing their bargain books.  I love to look through their art books, and always seem to find at least one that I have to fight against impulse buying.  I usually win, but on some trips the find is just too good to
pass up.  This trip I found such a book , and even though I caved--I ended up with the mother lode of bargains! 

Towards the back of the store we discovered a 75% off table.  Most of the books were pretty uninspiring,
but then I found this:

  It is the most amazing book that contains gorgeous pictures like this:

and this:

and this:

Problem was that the retail price was $75, so even at 75% off I was looking at spending $20 for it--a bargain for sure, but still above what I consider appropriate bargain impulse pricing.   But it was just so beautiful, I couldn't put it down--and instead headed to the checkout counter before I could change my mind.

Then the most wonderful thing happened.  The clerk told me the book was marked down to 14.98 and that the 75% would be taken off of that price.  I almost squealed with delight as she rang up my purchase. 

I still can't  believe I got this book for $4.05. 
Bargains like that make me smile!

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