Monday, March 12, 2012

Life rescheduled

Once again I have been reminded that I am not in charge.  What was supposed to have been a 3 day work trip turned into 6 day one.  That was quickly followed by needing to leave almost immediately to head to my in-laws (more on that later).  Once again I had to set aside my plans and deal with what life handed me.  But since I have a few free moments this morning, I decided I should post the answers to the sculpture quiz that are now past due by more than a week.  So for anyone who was wondering, here are what these items were sculpted out of: 

1.  Cardboard
2.  Chewing gum
 3.  Driftwood
4.  Ice
 5.  Legos
 6.  Paper
 7.  Snow
 8.  Rubber tires
9.  Glass
 10.  Towels
 11.  Coke cans
 12.  Plastic bottles
 13.  Sand
14.  Bullets
 15.  Plastic bags
 16.  Vinyl records
 17.  Wire hangers
 18.  Felt

And where did I go to see this?
That would be Chicago...

Once I get back to feeling like I am in control of my schedule, I'll write about that wonderful experience.  (I'll also show you what Amanda won by playing my little game.)

Hopefully I won't be away  too long!

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