Monday, March 21, 2011

My art discoveries in Puerto Rico

Last week my husband and I traveled to Puerto Rico with his parents.  I absolutely love to travel.  I love visiting new places and experiencing new cultures.  Puerto Rico was green and beautiful and we had a wonderful trip. 

Whenever we travel, I aways want to spend lots of time in museums.  Because the main purpose of the trip was to accompany my in-laws as they revisited the sites where they served their LDS Mission 20 years ago, I wasn't sure there would be a lot of time to wonder around museums.  However, while researching the trip I discovered that one of my favorite paintings is hanging in a museum in Ponce, so I gave a slight nudge to have it added to our itinerary. 

On our last day in Puerto Rico, we drove around the western side of the island and ended up in Ponce.  Our first stop was at the Parque de Bombas, the most colorful fire station you'll ever see--inside and out.


Next we made it over to the Museo de Arte de Ponce, and headed straight to the object of our visit: 
Flaming June by Fredrick Lord Leighton
She was big and vivid and beautiful. 
She did not disappoint my high expectations!

In the same room was another great painting by one of my favorite artists, William Bouguereau.  (I wrote about one of his other paintings, The Elder Sister, last year.)  Here's the one we saw in Ponce:

Far From Home


I also fell in love with this painting:

Judgment of Solomon by Baron Gustaaf Wappers

The colors in this painting were amazing. And I love the emotions of the two women's faces--it is so obvious who is the true mother of the living child. 

Another favorite was this etching:
Witches, by Puerto Rican artist Marcos Irizarry
The faces in this piece are wonderful!

It was a great end to a wonderful week of R & R. 

Now it's back to real life.  Hopefully I'll have a new project to share by the end of the week.

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