Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Patience is a Virtue That I'm Still Learning

I have been really good about not going into the garage the last few days so that my Texas stone can cure. But today a friend stopped by and I offered to show it too her. So I brought it in to show her and explained that the glass was still a little dirty because I was letting it sit before I cleaned it up.

Well, after she left I picked it up and started back to the garage to put it away. It is such a beautiful sunny day, I decided to let it sit on the back patio while I washed Dakota, who had gone gutter surfing while my friend and I were talking in the front yard. For those of you who have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, let me preface it with my dog love water. And it doesn't matter how much water it is. If you have a small puddle on your grass, she will lay on her side and push herself through i. It looks like she is surfing. Well, today when she was out front she noticed a small amount of water in the neighbors gutter, so of course she had to lay on her side and surf through it. Since these small puddles of water are usually very, very dirty, her surfing usually ends up with her having to have a bath. Today was no different. So I put the stone down in the sun and while I washed, dried, brushed, brushed, brushed and brushed Dakota (who if you didn't guess from all the brushing is shedding like crazy! ).

After I was done with Dakota, I went to pick up the stone and put it back into the garage. It looked so pretty in the sun. Except for the spots on the glass that were covered with concrete dust. I tried to pick it up and continue to be patient. But I just couldn't do it. I sprayed it lightly with water and then took a cloth to the glass. And wow, does it sparkle! It would probably be easier to be patient if I wasn't so attracted to sparkly things! You have to admit it looks good!

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