Thursday, April 30, 2009

What Was I Thinking?

This morning I got up and decided to be productive right off the bat. Because I have just over a week before the Continental Craft Show, I need to finish the projects I have started and start some more. So an early start sounded like a good plan. But it just wasn't my morning. Nothing seemed to go right--and everything took longer than it should have. At at 10:45 looked at my table and thought WHAT WAS I THINKING?
So I cleaned up my sponges and walked away. I was annoyed and I didn't have fun this morning. And if it isn't fun, then why I am doing it. So I left the mess and the projects and went shopping with my daughters.

And then I came back. I finished cleaning up my morning projects, and you know what? They didn't look too bad after all. So I got brave, mixed up some more grout and grabbed another project. And this time things went well. The grout went on smoothly. The work went quickly. And I actually enjoyed doing. This is what I was thinking! Maybe I won't return those items after all.

Not a bad day's work after all.

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