Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Art in my back yard

Last summer was a very dry year here in Texas.   So dry in fact that in Houston alone they are estimating that 66 million trees were lost.  We started noticing the dead trees towards the end of the summer, and I knew it would be bad.  But as they have started removing the dead trees, I have to admit it is shocking to see how many trees are relaly gone.  Our area is going to look so different and I can only hope that we don't have a repeat this summer.

A few weeks ago they removed several trees from the school that is across the street from our home.  Included was "the tree", the largest one that all the kids loved.  My youngest daughter Erin was so sad when it was removed, and she an her friends lamented its loss by reflecting on all the good times under and in it.  But when they cut it down, they left a sizable piece its trunk.  I assumed it was to make it easier to completely remove it, and this week as they cut down a few more trees we noticed some activity around the trunk.   Apparently we were not the only ones sad to see the tree go, because instead of just completely removing it someone had the wonderful idea to create something beautiful from its base.  Here is part of it's transformation into our school's mascot:

This is James D. Phillips.  He is an artist who has been doing tree sculptures for about 7 years.  He was at the school for several days.  It was so cool to watch him work.  Even the kids loved it.
And I totally love the finish project:
Now we have a beautiful piece of art to make sure we never forget "the tree".  A big thank you to whoever approved this project. 
And to James Phillips for sharing his talent with our community.


Amanda Leigh said...

This makes my heart soooo happy!! Thank you for sharing! What an awesome thing!

Robyn said...

I love this! In every way possible. It's been so sad to see all the dead trees from the drought and I'm so glad to see a positive outcome! Thanks!