Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The true meaning of Valentine's Day

Today would have been my parents' 57th anniversary.  Because it fell on Valentines Day it has always been easy to remember.  But today I am probably thinking about my Dad more than I ever had on one of their anniversaries because it is also the first one since my mother passed away.

My Dad loved my Mom.  Their marriage was a tough one.  Mom had serious health problems most of their married life, which led to stress and financial struggles.  But no matter what, he was always there to take care of her and love her.    And I know there is a big void in his life now that she is gone. 

So today I think about both of them. 
When they were young and just starting out together:

when we kids were all grown and it was back
to just the two of them again,

and at the end when Dad was the only one Mom
really recognized all of the time.
 This is love. 
This is what Valentines Day is really all about.
Happy anniversary Mom & Dad!

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Amanda Leigh said...

This was so very sweet. Thank you for posting!