Monday, February 20, 2012

One of the best parts of Christmas

I know Christmas has been over for almost 2 months now, but last week I obsessed a bit about it and had to share that obsession here.

It started when I walked past my fridge and saw this:

This collection is made up of family and friends.  I love being able to see their beautiful faces every day as I walk through my kitchen.  Some days I pass by without even noticing them.  But other times I'll stop and stare, remembering people and places and happy times.  I also love that all of these pictures came to me thanks to these:

I love Christmas cards.  In fact, I think they are one of the best parts of Christmas.  I love seeing what kind of card each of my loved ones has chosen.  It's fun to see their personalities shine through.

This card came from friends who have spent the last several years living in Australia.  My brother Dan lives there too, and we had a goal to get to Australia and see both of them.  Unfortunately we were too slow and our friends have now moved on to another assignment.  The clock is ticking to get there before my brother returns to the states.  Hopefully we'll make it....but I digress....

This card came from one of my brother-in-laws.  This is the perfect card to represent him.  He loves to hunt and fish and be outdoorsy.
This card came from one of my closest college friends.  Today she is Mrs. Mayor of a city in northern Utah.  She has always been stylish and classy, even back when we were poor college students.  I think this card is perfect for her!

This card came from one of my most talented friends.  She is a mom, a full-time student, and a wonderful quilter.  She always has fresh flowers and branches incorporated in her decorating.  And I love that she picked this card.
My favorites Christmas cards are the religious ones.  

This one came from one of my most artistic friends.  Love the beauty of this card.  It definitely reminds me of her beautiful soul.  Love it!!!

If you've gotten a card from me you probably know this already, but I only send out Christmas cards that are about the true meaning of Christmas, which of course is the birth of our Savior.   This has been a tradition for our family since my husband and I were married.   Some years that has been difficult, and I must admit that if I didn't find a card that moved me, I simply didn't send out cards that year.  So if you've don't get a card from me at Christmas, just assume it's because I couldn't find the perfect nativity card.  I would never buy my cards and then not get around to mailing them.  Never.  Ever.  OK, maybe once or twice, but mostly it's because I didn't find that perfect card.  Really.

But back on I said earlier, I think Christmas cards are one of the best parts of Christmas.  But I have to admit that cards that include a family letter are better than those envelopes that just contain a card.

I love reading about the life and times of all my loved ones

And the truly best cards are those that include a family picture. 

 I love ones that chronicle growing families:

 and babies!

I love the pictures of families who have children serving on missions:
...and those who have had their missionaries return:

I love pictures that show personality (and new toys!)

 And I love that these Christmas pictures eventually end up on my fridge...
 where I can walk by them everyday, and sometimes stop and stare
--remembering people and places and happy times.

 Oh, and in case you are wondering....this is what the other side of my fridge looks like:
 You see, I also love magnets!

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