Sunday, February 19, 2012

I love missionaries!

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (yes, I'm a Mormon), I believe I have a responsibility to share my knowledge of my Savior Jesus Christ and his restored gospel.  Although I personally struggle being a good missionary, my immediate family has a strong tradition of full-time missionary service.

My parents served a Mission to Hawaii before they had children. 
This is very unique as couples usually serve missions after their children are grown.  My parents were unable to have children (me and my 2 brothers are all adopted), so they were called as full-time missionaries during the early years of their marriage.  I have never heard of another couple who did this, but it turned out to be a huge blessing.  As I've mentioned before, my Mom struggled with serious health problems for most of her married life, so this truly was the only time they could have served together.  I really want to research this and see if I can find other examples of young couples serving as full-time missionaries.  If you know of any, please let me know.  

My in-laws served a mission to Puerto Rico.
They went on their mission right after they sent their youngest child off on his.  While they were gone we had our third child and moved to Houston.  WE missed them during these events, but were so proud that they chose to serve.  They have also served missions at home serving in the St. George Temple, the employment center and as missionaries to a Spanish Branch in where they were able to brush up on their Spanish and teach English. 

My husband Greg served a mission to Denmark.  
The Jensens are from Denmark, so Greg's serving here 
helped us create a love for Danish traditions.

My brother Kevin served in the Geneva Switzerland mission. 
He actually only had one day in Switzerland and spent
 the rest of his mission in France and the Reunion Islands
 off the coast of Africa.

My brother Dan served in Spain.

My son Joey served in Colorado in the Colorado Denver South mission

My oldest daughter Melissa served in Southern France in the France Toulouse Mission.
She actually opened her mission in the same city that Kevin opened his. 
How cool is that?

My nephew Nick served in the Mexico Guadalajara East mission.

And my daughter Rachel is currently serving in Toronto, Canada.
She wanted to go somewhere "not cold". 
The Lord obviously has a sense of humor!

This is my missionary heritage.  I love it and I look forward to the time when I can serve a mission with my husband.

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