Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Art of Nature

Have I every mentioned that I love art? 
I love to look at it.  I love to study it. 
I love to create it.  And when
it's allowed, I love to touch it. 

On a trip to the UK a few years ago, I was
able to walk up and touch pieces of art. 
Well, at least I consider them pieces of art. 

Others may just view them as rocks

Large rocks


We visited Avebury, where a ring
of stones surround a large field.

We walked among the stones,

looked at them, 
studied them,
and touched them! 
It was amazing!

One day I will see another group of famous stones--those on Easter Island. Unlike the megaliths in the fields
of Avebury, Easter Island's Moai have personality.

I know they are rocks, but I really want
to know what they are thinking.

I want to walk the island and
meet each of these giant guardians:

I want to stand on the wall next to these:

I want to lay on the hill and experience the view that has captured the attention of each of these:

And after reading the news today, I really
wish I could have done this today--July 11, 2010. 
Today not only could I have achieved my dream
of seeing this art face to face, I could have done it 
while experiencing this total eclipse of the sun:
How amazing would that have been?

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