Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Things that make me smile: #28

#28:  Finding cool products in stores that I can make myself.

While at the MFAH with my girls last week
I saw these* in the gift shop:

Bowls and Frames made of recycled magazines
They were so cool and immediately brought a smile to my face because I thought, "I can make that". 

So I came home and googled it, and guess what?  There were TUTORIALS online.  Yea! 

Can't wait to make some!

* I may have broken some gift shop rules by taking the above pictures.  This was done without any help or approval from my 19 year old daughter who refused to
be an accomplice to me blatantly ignoring the request which was made earlier that
I not photograph the store's products.  (So much for honor your mother!) 

I really am sorry Ms. Museum Gift Shop Worker.
I tried, but I could not help myself.
I promise to try to do better in the future.  
Please don't ban me from your store!

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Lisa Lynn Hefner said...

Is there a tutorial for the baskets made from magazine reeds? Love your blog.