Thursday, July 15, 2010

Creating Digital Art

Another fun part of my digital imaging class was creating digital art.  I learned how to take my photos, such as this:

And by intensifying the shadows and playing with colors, I turn it into art like this:

I think its kind of Andy Warholish

Another project was inspired by poetry.  Reading a piece written by James Montgomery reminded me of this photo I had taken while trying my hand at micro photography: 
I love the dew on this thorn!

And with the magic of Photoshop I was able to combined the image and words to create this:

But I think my favorite project was my tribute to Edgar Degas:

Degas is probably best known for his depictions of ballet dancers. In this piece I combined an image Degas's The Little Dancer, three of his paintings of dancers and one of his seascapes. I really love the end result.

I learned so much in my digital imaging class.  And although I have decided against getting a degree in graphic design, I am looking forward to continuing to learn more about Adobe software and seeing where that knowledge can take me creatively.


Brianne & Jarod said...

sweet pete you are learning some awesome things! LOVE IT!

The Artisan Mama said...

Thanks Bri. It has been so fun! Plus it's good to know by brain still functions at times. :)