Thursday, July 22, 2010

Painting, Part 2: Fun with Craft Acrylics

In 2003 I was swept up by the spirit of Halloween, and felt the need to paint something.  So I grabbed a piece of cardboard and the acrylic craft paints I had in my craft closet and painted my version of The Scream. 

Shortly afterwards I started making stepping stones and bricks, and really didn't pick up my paints again until last week when we painted with the girls in our church's youth group.  Here is what I created:
I like it.  I like it a lot!

This is Bridget.   
I like her a lot too.

And she really liked painting. In fact, the painting activity was her idea.  She was less than pleased with what she painted on Wednesday night, so I told her to come on over to my house the next day and we would do some more painting.  And guess what?  She did, and she brought her sisters. 

Painting party at my house!

Once again we were painting with acrylic craft paints instead of artist grade paints.  The paint was cheap, but that we still made masterpieces. 

It was a great afternoon.

I need to paint with friends more often!

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