Thursday, November 11, 2010

10 cow women, part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the 10 Cow Woman activity.  What I didn't mention was that in addition to talking about our true value as women, I had a special treat planned for the girls.   After all, what is a young women's activity with out a good dose of sugar?

I started by buying these:
 I love cookie cutters, and think this
farm set is too cute.

I can't wait for an excuse to create Old McDonald cookies.  But for this activity I only needed this guy:
I used him and my favorite sugar cookie recipe to make the this tasty herd:

After we had finished our discussion of our divine qualities and what we need to do to develop them, we pulled out the cookies and frosting and created our very own 10 cows.

It was a pretty sweet ending to a fun evening.

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