Monday, November 15, 2010

Cutest recycling project ever!

Hi, my name is Rover!

I was rescued near a recycling plant and am now looking for a permanent "woof" over my head.  "Sit" is my favorite trick and I am a great listener; I'll always be there to greet you when you get home!  And I promise I won't chew up your couch.

While cleaning out my camera's memory card last week I came across this cute guy.   I saw Rover in the Museum of Fine Arts Houston gift shop and  wish I would have written about him sooner.  Partly because he is so cute, but mostly because I can't remember what material he was made from.   But I can tell you I thought he was adorable and if I could have justified the $125 adoption fee (which, by the way, included shots and neutering) I would have brought him home.  But instead I had to be content with ignoring the rules of museum photography etiquette AGAIN and sneaking out my camera to take this picture.   Although I do still think he would look great sitting on my hearth.   

Wonder what Dakota would have thought of that?
Relax Dakota.  I'm sure he wouldn't have tried to steal your bone!

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