Friday, January 21, 2011

The danger of piles

Yesterday I spent the afternoon attacking the piles that were on the verge of taking over my bedroom.  I have always been a piler and secretly fear that this tendency will one day turn into actual hoarding.  This fear is so real, that I did not take a picture for a before/after post of my room simply because I did not want it to end up in a google search under "images for hoarders".    Ok, that's not really true--but how scary is that thought?  Have you looked at those pictures?  I am sure none of those people thought they were hoarders when their piles were small.  The whole thing just creeps me out.  A lot!

Anyway, I spent the day sorting my piles and could not believe the number of unfinished projects I came across.  I swear, I am slightly ADD and am constantly moving onto the next project before the last one is finished.  I wonder if being ADD is typical of hoarders?  May have to google that one later.  But once again I am getting distracted from my story.  As I sorted through the craft supplies, I discovered a project I started almost a year ago as thank you gifts for some ladies at church.   I cannot believe I didn't finished them, and am now struggling with which is more embarrassing: never formally thanking these women or finishing the projects and pointing out to them that it took me a year to formally thank them.  Almost makes me wish I had left that particular pile alone!  At least then I'd be unaware of my goof up.   Instead I am left with this dilemma as I contemplate my future as a procrastinating ADD hoarder.

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