Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wednesday Night Arts and Crafts

Back in July I wrote a quick post about these bowls and frames made of recycled magazines. 
In August, my middle daughter and I made some of these frames.  We use old National Geographic magazines because of their colorful pictures.
We pulled out pages and sorted them into color schemes we wanted to use.  The pages were then cut in half:
We then made the pages into tubes using a wooden skewer and glue sticks.

The tubes were then cut and glued onto the frame.

I did not take a picture of my daughter's completed frame, and it has since moved to college.  And to be perfectly honest, my frame is still unfinished:  

I really did enjoy the project, I just had to move onto other things like making dinner and never got back to it.  Story of my life.  But it will be cute when it's finished.  Some day.  

Anyway...a day later one of my favorite teenagers called me because she was home alone and bored to death.  She came over and I showed her what we had been doing  I then handed her a frame and told her to make one.  And she did. 
This past week the two of us decided that we needed to make these frames at our youth activity on Wednesday night.  I know it's a dangerous thing to do an activity that I have never been successful at completing.  But I just decided I would prep frames and lend a hand so the girls could finish theirs instead of making one myself. 

Or at least that was the plan.  Instead I made an interesting discovery--it turns out this project isn't appealing to everyone.  Although they thought the frames were cute, 3 out of 4 teenage girls decided they were just too tedious to make.  And at the end of the night there were only two frames that were finished.  Care to guess who they belonged to?  Yep, the two of us that planned the activity.   Of course I forgot to take pictures during our activity.  But here is the frame I made:
Notice anything about this frame? 
Its actually finished!

Oh and FYI, this started out as my youngest daughter's frame.  Part way through our activity she went to wash her hands and didn't come back.  She had wandered into the room where the other group of girls were meeting and found their project much more to her liking.   I would have been annoyed at her abandoning us, except she ended up making these:
And since I know that different art appeals to different people, it's hard to get mad at my girl for realizing what she is more drawn to.  

I'm just thrilled that we went home with two completely finished projects!

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