Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My new toy

I got the coolest gift for Mother's Day last year.  It is something that I asked for in 2009 and didn't get.  And to be completely honest, I didn't actually receive it for about a month after Mother's day.  This was mostly my fault, because although I really, really wanted one I wasn't sure I should actually spend the money to have one.  But I saw it go on sale and finally gave in.  

I was so excited when it was unloaded and put in the garage.  I didn't have time to assemble it that day, but promised myself I would do it on the upcoming weekend.  But wouldn't you know it, I got busy and never got around to pulling it out of it's box.  But the first weekend in November we pulled it out, put it together and used it to complete some unfinished projects.  And it was wonderful!

Curious about what this gift is?  Here are a few clues:

It came in a big box

It had lots of parts
It is one of my favorite colors
(Hook 'em!)

My hubby put it together for me, which is a good thing since I had a hard time following some of the instructions.

Can you tell what it is?

That's right, I got a cement mixer for Mother's day!
I put it right to work by adding cement...

and water.

And finished these two stones:

It was wonderful not having to mix the cement by hand, and for the first time created stones that did not contain any of my sweat.  Oh, and just in case you are wondering they do contain a little of my blood.  I have yet to find gloves that protect my fingers from the glass while allowing me to handle the glass easily.  So I always end up cutting myself at least once with every stone.  

I know most women would not consider a cement mixer a very good Mother's day present.
But I love it!

And although I haven't used my mixer since that weekend in November, I am looking forward to using it a lot in 2011!

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