Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy New Year!

It may be a bit late to be wishing anyone a Happy New Year.  After all January, 2011 is already half over.  I am not sure how that happened.  Seriously, how did that happen? But since I can't change how quickly time seems to move these days, I will try to focus on getting back to creating art and blogging about it.

I've spent the last two weeks trying to get more organized and planning some things I want to create.  I have a few things I still need to write about--like the last couple of projects in my Arts Metals class.  Plus I have several sketches for mixed media projects I want to create and I start my Arts Metals 2 class next Wednesday.  Hopefully that means I will have lots to share in the next few weeks.

But until then, here is my first Random Sunday blog for 2011:  doe-c-doe

This great blog is written by Gina, a graphic designer who collects vintage material and buttons.  Her entry on Thursday, Jan 13, really caught my eye and has my creative juices flowing.  I absolutely love the button display hoop she created and am thinking I may have to try my hand at a similar project.  She's asked that people not use her photos without permission, so I won't share them here.  But click on one of the above links and you see what I'm talking about.    

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