Monday, September 13, 2010

Doggy guilt

This is the look I get from Dakota every morning. 
See those eyes?  Notice the tail? 

She comes and stands by me, wags her tail and looks me directly in the eye.  Sometimes she even adds a little whine.  What does she want?  To go for a walk. 

Every morning she does this.  It is good to have a buddy to exercise with.  But today is Monday.  And I have class.  And I'm running late.  So I tell her no. 

So she plops herself down on the floor like this:

Man, she is good at making me feel guilty. 

Later Dakota, I promise!


Michelle said...

I thought that said doggy QUILT! I read the whole post waiting for the part about a quilt and when I didn't see it I had to go back and read the title again. Ha ha ha! =)

The Artisan Mama said...

That is soooo funny! I'm still laughing!