Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Learning new ways to be creative

This semester I am taking an Arts Metals class at our local community college.  It will be an introduction to metal fabrication through the study of basic materials and techniques.  We will be soldering, riveting, sawing and filing metal.  I was really hoping to get to learn how to weld too, but apparently they only get to do that in the commercial welding classes.   But I am still very excited to try something new. 

I have a teacher, Chuck Schwarz, who is a talented metal artist,

a cool new textbook,

and some new tools:

Our first assignment is 3 layered design construction.  We'll be creating a design using brass, copper and aluminum that we cut, pierce, drill, rivet, file and sand.   Here is the example that my professor made. 

Can't wait to learn and create this semester!

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