Friday, February 11, 2011

Creating our YW Values

Yesterday I showed you my first attempt at creating textured canvas art and told you that I would be making similar projects with the young women I work with at my church.  Today I'm going to show you their creations.

The idea for this project came about as our Laurel class planned for our New Beginnings which will be later this month.  The girls has requested another activity where we painted, and I decided the perfect way to address both activities would be for us to paint the Young Women Values, which are:Faith, Divine Nature, Knowledge, Choice and Accountability, Good Works, Integrity and Virtue. 

Before our activity I made the canvas for Virtue: 
Each value has an assigned color.  Virtue's is gold.

I followed the same process for texturing and painting this canvas as I did for my Mia Maid project from yesterday:

But instead of using a ink jet transfer for the image, I had my friend Stephanie cut out letters with her Cricut, because I am not lucky enough to own one and she is.  Santa, you might want to start taking notes!  The letters were decoupaged onto the canvas after the molding paste and paint were dry. 

At the beginning of our activity, I showed the girls my Virtue and Mia Maid pieces.  I did this not to influence their work, but to give them an idea of different ways to approach the texturing.  I then had each girl choose a value and go to work.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera (add forgetfulness to the list of personality traits I started yesterday), so I don't have any pictures of the girls creating their projects.  But I do have pictures of their completed work. 

Here are our Young Women Values and a close up of the textures each artist created:
Artist: Me

Artist: Brittany

Artist: Bridget

Artist: Erin

Artist: Jeanette

Artist: Edie

Artist: Gabby

Artist:  Me

The girls really enjoyed this project.  I love how their individual creativity shines through in each one! 

Oh and a funny side story on our activity. Because we needed to finish our projects during our hour and a half activity, we had to blow dry all of the canvases. I asked each girl to bring a blow dryer with them, and we ended up with 4 at the church. As I was explaining the process to the girls, my oldest, and apparently wisest, Laurel, asked if we were going to blow a fuse by running so many blow dryers. I told her I had no idea and told her I guess we'd see. Well, guess what? At one point we had three blow dryers going at once, and we blew a fuse. I thought it was hilarious. So we spread out to other plugs in different rooms and I got my husband to find the breaker box and restore our power.  It's good to have a handy husband!


Michelle S said...

Those are very cool!

The Artisan Mama said...

Thanks Michelle. It was such a fun project!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the shout out. I am lucky to have a Cricut that Santa brought 2 years ago...maybe he'll send one your way this year. They turned out great and I think they will be used for years!

The Artisan Mama said...

Thanks Stephanie. I've never really thought I had the need for a Cricut before now. But I keep finding things that would be so much easier if I had one. May not be able to wait for Santa. :)