Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Unfinished business, part 2

Yesterday I told you how ink disappearing too quickly left me with this unfinished project:

Although I had packed it away, apparently the project was still filed towards the top of my memory.  In December I saw light box that was on sale at a local art supply store.  Finally I had a work in progress that screamed for a light box.  And since up to that point I hadn't been able to come up with anything that I wanted for Christmas, I decided to let Santa bring me one.  And Santa was happy to obliged.  OK, to be perfectly honest I took Santa to the art store and he stood by me while I bought it. But what really matters is that I got this for Christmas:

Because we were going to spend Christmas with family, Santa dropped my present off a little early.   But I was a good girl and didn't open it before Christmas.  In fact, you could probably say I was a little naughty because I didn't open it until this week.  But it's open now, and already been put to use.

I pulled it out,
and started tracing, 
and turned my project from this...

to this:
And after a couple of hours of stitching 
and watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition my project had become this:
I love the progress so far.  The light box, combined with the fact that the disappearing ink seems to stick around a lot longer than before, made getting to this point so much easier.

Next step--the painting, which I'm hoping to have done by the end of the week. 

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