Friday, February 4, 2011

Finished business on a Houston Snow Day

Today was an official snow day in Houston.  Yesterday businesses closed early and announcements were made canceling school for today.  The weatherman said it was going to be bitter cold, and promised us 3 -5 inches of snow.   But everyone knows you can't trust a weatherman and although it was pretty cold, we totally got jipped in the snow department.  When I got up and looked outside, all I saw was this: 
Just a little ice, ice baby.  Boo! 

But all was not lost.  because of the ice, highways have been closed until tomorrow and we have been told to avoid going out unless it is absolutely necessary.  So I stayed home today, and finished some unfinished business. 

And this is how I spent my ice day:
So even though the weather was a bust, this snow day turned out to be a pretty good day.  My project is completed and framed.  Now I only have two decisions to make:  

Do I keep this or give it away? 

What do I make next?

I'll let you know next week what I decide. 

Happy Snow Day!


45mom8 said...

How adorable!!! You could give it to me but I don't know what I'd do with

Michelle S said...

It's cute! What did you color it with?

the momma-kana said...

What a great job! I just love it. You will have to show me how you did it. I really like that you took pictures along the way. PS- wasn't this snowday the best!

The Artisan Mama said...

Thanks everyone. It was a fun project, but am happy to finally have it finished.

Michelle-It's painted with acrylic craft paint.

Makana-How about that snow day. So disappointed we didn't get to see any of the white stuff.