Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Young Women Survival Kit

Although I've sat in this chair from almost as long as I can stand today, I really wanted to share something my daughter put together for our New Beginnings program on Sunday. 

During New Beginnings we spotlight the girls who will be turning 12 and entering our Young Women organization this year.   As part of that spotlight, my Laurels wanted to include some little gifts.  My daughter volunteered to take care of the gifts and put together a survival kit for the new girls.  Each box contained several items along with a description of why they were included. Check it out and let me know if you think they are as cute and creative as I do:

Welcome to Young Women!

To help you adjust, we thought we’d give you a Young Women Survival Kit!

Inside this kit you will find:

PLAYDOUGH- Because the things you learn while in the Young Women Program will mold your character!

GLOW STICKS- Because the Young Women values will light the path to the temple!
HAND SANITIZING WIPES- Because the habits you develop through the Personal Progress Program keep you morally clean!
BUBBLES- Because you will be bubbling over with knowledge each Sunday you attend Young Women!

JOURNAL/PEN- Because it’s important to record the spiritual promptings you receive during Young Women lessons!
TISSUES- Because the spirit is always strong during Young Women lessons, and you may shed a tear or two!

SOCK MONKEY- Because we’re going bananas waiting for you to become a Beehive!

CANDY- Because we think you’re sweet!

We can’t wait for you to turn 12 and join us!

Love, The Young Women!


Michelle S said...

That is very cool! And if I ever need it I am totally stealing her idea!! =)

Life and Times of Sharon Wiggins said...

Now that's a creative idea. Good job.

Unknown said...

that is an awesome idea do you mind if i use it